On Saturday 19 May 2018 at 3.30 pm there will be a guided tour focusing on the theme of water, a fundamental resource for the operation of the machinery of the Lanificio di Stia.

The visit will be supported by demonstrations with electrostatic machines. Visit included in the ticket cost of € 5.00 To participate the reservation is required: 3384184121 - 0575582216 - info@museodellartedellalana.it

The event is part of the program of initiatives jointly promoted by the Anchor Points and Italian Sites of ERIH (European Route of Industrial Heritage) for the European Year of Cultural Heritage.



In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Museum of Wool Art, as "Anchor Point" within ERIH (European Route of Industrial Heritage), dedicates a day to the theme of water, a fundamental resource for operating machinery of the Lania di Stia.


The dependence of energy derived from water has been maintained throughout the lifetime of the Wool Mill through continuous renovations and modifications of the internal systems of the various buildings.

The Lanificio di Stia thus becomes the mirror capable of reflecting the evolution of a transversal technology that has involved the processing of wool throughout Europe.

May 19, 3:30 pm