The TessArt'È Project

Tessere is art and art is weaving, in a word ... TessArt'è! A name that embodies all the project and narrates, through weaving, the history of people, places, cultures and an art with innumerable creative potentialities. TessArt 'weaves, as a weaver weaver, the warp of tradition with the plots of innovation.

The event held at the Museum on 1 October 2016 illustrated the project - winner in 2013 of the Call for Beni Invisibili - Places and Mastery of Artisan Traditions "organized by the TIM Foundation - which emphasizes the tradition of the Abruzzo artistic fabric, through the speeches by Dr. Erika D'Arcangelo - scientific project manager - and Dr. Paola Marabelli - vice president of the Lisio Silk Art Foundation.

The exhibition-route with the exhibition of Arazzi of the Abruzzese textile tradition will remain in the Museum's rooms until 30 October 2016.

Program Saturday 1st October 2016

3.00 pm Welcome

3.30 pm Introduction and Greetings

dr. Nicolò Caleri, mayor of the municipality of Pratovecchio Stia

dr. Andrea Gori, director of the Museo dell'Arte della Lana di Stia 4.00 pm Interventions: "The Lisio Silk Art Foundation"

dott.ssa Paola Marabelli, vice-president and scientific and teaching director

"The TessArt'è project"

Dr. Erika D'Arcangelo, professor of textile culture and scientific manager

"Il Testimone, interview with Italo Picini" - video projection 5.30 pm Exhibition opening of the Tapestries TessArt'è (visible until 30.10.2016): visit to the final project works demonstration of loom weaving with loom by Dr. Simona Lombardi video projections and delivery to the guests of the TessArt'è DVD

1 October 2016: presentation of the project The Exhibition

Path of the TessArt'è Tapestries will be visible until 30 October 2016